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Concealer has always been the best arsenal in my makeup kit ever since I discovered its' use back in college. I had used up an entire tube of Nichido's concealer (it lasted me for about 2 years) and I decided to check this out.


- Price (Php 175)
- Easily blendable


- Packaging is quite tacky and there's even a circular foam underneath the lid

I've decided to take the safe and girly route for this week's polish for two reasons:

- tomorrow (Sunday) is the christening of Jiro's nephew.

- I have a job interview in Makati on Monday.

Dove's Go Fresh! Line

Summer seems to have arrived really early this year for us in the Philippines, hasn't it?

Usually by this time of the year, it's still quite chilly with the Siberian winds descending on our tropical country. Although we MIGHT have experienced that for about 2 weeks or so, and then surprise. It suddenly feels like March.

One of my major pet peeves during summer is the smell of sweat on your body. I really detest it.

Usually my weapon of choice during summer season are products with cucumber/green tea scents because they make me smell freshlonger compared to the fruity scents (and I was never really a big fan of those in the first place :D).

I am and still a big fan of Dove's green tea and cucumber bar because it smells divine. P.S. I am not being paid to write this. Back in my high school days, I read that that to make a scent last longer on you, you have to layer. So nowadays, I use Dove's Go Fresh line from the soap/body wash, deodorant and their lotion. A small bottle of their body wash costs about 132.00, their deodorant for about 80 pesos and their lotion costs about 238.00

Mind you, it gets quite hot in the shop especially during the 12:00 noon - 4:30 pm slot. And a girl seriously needs to smell good while trying to cool down.

Saizen's Tsuyahada Kipu Foundation

Sorry I haven't been able to update lately, been juggling some stuff in the business and with my personal life (ui showbiz).

Yesterday, to relax a bit Jiro and I went out for dinner. After a very filling meal at Mexicali's (any notions of a diet should be left at the door when you dine at this place), we went to Saizen.

I was not really planning to haul stuff, so I only walked away with three purchases: Tsuyahada Kipu foundation (sorry I'm really bad at Katakana and really awful at Kanji, I'm much better in reading Hiragana), a doggie shirt for one of our dogs: Ching, and a bigass bottle of bathroom cleaner for the shop (I'm really very particular with the scent, this one was in orange so I grabbed it).

Being the sucker that I am, I thought that this one was a definite steal since the product pan was separated from the compact itself, so I thought "Oh hey! I get a free refill! Scooooore!".


Upon opening the product, you get to stick the pan to the compact with a DOUBLE ADHESIVE TAPE attached at the bottom.

That's right, kids. DOUBLE ADHESIVE TAPE. The thick variety. Ugh. Well for 85 pesos, I can't complain.

Good news is, the shade is just right. It's easily blendable and so far it hasn't failed me. It's waaay better than that Careline face powder I bought a couple of weeks ago (Hazelnut shade) which shows up garishly pale on my face. I blame it on the in-store lights of Watson's. Kidding XD. I love Watson's.

So there you go. I'm not really crazy about how they designed the compact (although it's light and fits perfectly in my makeup pouch), but it performs quite alright. Although to quote Simon Cowell, "I'm not exactly jumping out of my seat."


Fat Sadako Got Her Locks Chopped Off

Yesterday, I decided to have my long hair chopped off. Had been sporting basically the same style since high school (with a little variation like layers from time to time) and college. It was just the boring generic straight (with a little help from the salon haha) and long.

At one point it got so long, I scared my dad one evening. He watched The Ring in HBO earlier and since I usually go to the kitchen around 3 am to get a drink, and he said that he thought I was some fat version of Sadako standing next to fridge with my hair hanging in my face like that. HA HA.

Anyhow...I really didn't have any hesitation when I told the stylist to simply hack it off. She even asked me if I was sure, and I was like "Go~~~".

Funny thing is that it is quite similar to Takuya's (vocalist of Uverworld) hair in their Shamrock video. For the record, I did NOT even give any specific instructions to the stylist. Damn. I guess too much fangirling on my end, eh?


I'm sorry ladies, but this one will be a semi-rant.

Yesterday, I met up with my girls (and "kumare") loveje and yoru_morino  old and yesterday was the first time we saw each other. It was a great day all in all, and I suggested to my girlfriends that we check out Etude House.

That was around 8:30 in the evening and the establishment was still packed with ladies checking out their merchandise. And since I was curious about their Milk Tea Cleansing Foam, I politely asked the SA nearest me if they still have stocks of the said product and she rudely said "Wala.".

I completely understand that she was probably doing inventory (since she was holding a clipboard and all), but would it actually hurt her to spare the customer a little bit of courtesy? I just don't get it, there I was with the complete intent to buy something from their store, but these SAs were more accommodating to the other women who were merely testing products. You can even ask my friends about it.

I also noticed another customer who was checking out their nail polish line. She was asking the SA (this is a different SA we're talking about) if the products are from Korea. The SA curtly said "Oo." and the customer also inquired "Matagal na ba 'to sa Korea?" it took the SA quite a while to answer and guess what comes out of her mouth? "Hindi ko alam eh."

I did not post this with the intent to belittle their SAs. But honestly, shouldn't they be trained with CUSTOMER SERVICE? Do I have to be decked out in jewelry just to get appropriate customer service from them?

Etude House may have better prices compared to Skin Food and Face Shop. But their SAs are superbly rude. 

Review: Etude House Collagen Eye Patch

Arrr! I'm a pirate!

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

This was what got my attention first the moment I started browsing the shelves of Etude House. It only costs 75.00, so I decided to give it a shot. According to the SA, it's good for eyebags...and she said yes (but it took her like, 6 seconds before she replied). I then asked her if it'll do anything for dark undereye circles, and she just smiled and said "Yes ma'am." Ah well, maybe they should train their SA's some more.

And this baby plopped into the small basket I was carrying.

Cute packaging is indeed cute.

The product itself (I popped it in the freezer while I was taking a bath so that it's a cool treat on my peepers afterwards).

I'm not really sure if this will be really effective, so it seems that I need to buy 2 or 3 more and use it like twice a week or something.

It's a little bit messy since it's basically soaked in collagen. However, it would certainly be better if they improve the plastic container that contains the eye patches. Perhaps making it a little more secure since the solution it's soaked in tends to spill.

Other than that,so far there are no itching or allergic reactions. It's all good.

The Packaging Got Me Sold

The Eyepatch

I freakishly look like my mom here hahaha

Etude House Mini Haul

Ok kiddies, I'm currently nursing a migraine, so it'll just be a couple of pics. Promise, I'll make it up next time.

(Clockwise): Finger Food Hand Lotion in Strawberry Lollipop (it smells really good!) Php 198.00

Moistfull Collagen Mask Sheet - Php 98.00

Collagen Eye Patch - Php 75.00

Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner (#07) - 98.00

All these for about 410 pesos only!

Freebie Alert!

A few days ago, I finally received my freebie from Johnson's Body Care.
Want one for yourself? Then get on over to http://www.femalenetwork.com/bodycare/ it's totally FREE! I'm not kidding, we all know how I'm a huge sucker for freebies. Just register, and wait for the parcel to arrive.
Late review is indeed late. A lot of things kept me busy (the business) plus, I got sick and had to be rushed to the emergency room.

The last time I was in Saizen, I was able to get my grubby hands on the elusive Charcoal Masque. Oh and discovered their detergent for makeup puffs and sponges.

Charcoal Masque got great reviews at Girltalk, and a lot of the ladies in the forum actually started hoarding the said product,yes it's that good. Been looking for the product since September, but it was always out of stock whenever I drop by at Saizen.

I have to say that their charcoal masque is indeed a great steal! No wonder why it's now listed as one of Saizen's best sellers. If ever you are considering to purchase this product, it'd make a great addition to your Sunday night ritual (or whichever day of the week you decide to go the extra mile on primping). It's fun to use (you'd look like an Ati-Atihan dancer because hello? it's CHARCOAL).

When using the charcoal masque, make sure that your face has been cleansed and dried properly so that it can really remove the deep-seated dirt in your pores and so that the product will properly adhere to your skin. Oh, and avoid putting the product on your eyebrows and undereye area. Once it is completely dry, peel it off as fast as you can (as if you're waxing your face sans the wax hur hur). You'd be surprised to see how much blackheads/whiteheads are removed. And it'll make your face seem brighter afterwards.

I might do a little experiment one of these days using Montagne Jenneuse's warming fudge pack and Saizen's charcoal masque.

Let's move on to their Makeup Detergent (well the product's name is in Katakana so it's read as Pafu Suponji DETERGENT)

I had only tried it once. It only takes a tiny drop to clean a standard-size makeup sponge. Still yet to try it on my makeup
brushes, though.